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Let's capture the essence and beauty of your brand together!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a saying that we all know, but is it, really?

We all know this saying and in my opinion, it is absolutely true! A picture can mean and transmit a lot of things, but it only has an impact if it brings out emotions and tells a story!

You have probably heard about storytelling?

It is the art of telling stories in order to get a message across. So the more the story speaks to you, the stronger the message it will be, staying in your memory for longer. Using a story as an information vector to promote your brand is what storytelling is all about. 

My goal through writing and photography is to communicate your message with emotion, authenticity, and depth so that your brand is recognizable at first glance and can stand out in your market.

My added value

  • Qualitative pictures that will capture the power and essence of your brand. 

What I particularly like in photography is definitely branding, in other words, the brand universe.

Specialised in "Food Styling", the challenge for me is to understand the values and identity of a restaurant and try to transcribe its DNA through stylized culinary pictures that match 100 % to its message and to the target it wishes to attract.

And because we eat first with our eyes, I create visuals that will make your potential customers' eyes drip with pleasure!

Attracted to beauty and aesthetics, I also take great pleasure in telling a story through my pictures in fashion, jewelry, decoration industries & high-tech products.

  • Editorial content that matches your photos

As an Editor for several years for brands and media in France and abroad, I write mostly in French, but also write content in English for blogs & digital media.

An impactful image, a well-written & effective speech that conveys a meaningful message in order to arouse the interest of your target audience, all these are what my work's goal is all about. 

  • Events, real booster of brand awareness


As an event planner for almost 10 years in a wide range of sectors, I believe deeply in the power of events to boost brand awareness. More than ever, and because we live in an increasingly digital world, human contact is vital.

Enjoying an original experience, sharing emotions, exchanging points of view, and having good vibes, this is what your potential customers/consumers are looking for.

Surprise, impress and pamper them and develop your network at the same time. Who knows, maybe you will find potential partners in your audience that will allow you to grow your business.

That's the magic of events, the human connection!

From the promotion of an event to its organisation and its realisation, I take care of everything and do everything possible to ensure that my client is satisfied. 

  • And why not a scent signature?

Sensitive to emotions and experiential marketing, I have always had an attraction to the world of perfumery, and therefore, by extension, to scent marketing.


I work as a business development manager for Smell Marketing, a company specialized in scent marketing, where we create home fragrances to perfume artistic events, exhibitions... but also, luxury hotels, bars, banks, jewellery shops, showrooms, clothing shops and so on.


We retain 5% of what we hear, 15% of what we see, and 35% of what we smell! In other words, our sense of smell is able to retain certain smells for years, you do have your "Proust's madeleine", don't you?


Scent marketing, therefore, makes sense in the creation of brand identity and will influence the emotions and customers' behaviors.

It is finally an indirect way for the brand to push a customer to buy. By arousing emotions that will give them a feeling of well-being, customers will spend more time in a shop or elsewhere and potentially buy more.

A refined marketing approach that proves its worth as long as it is always subtle.

A story to tell, high-impact pictures, a subtle & personalised ambient scent, and events that make your brand stand out, this is a promising start to the rise of your business.

My packages

I offer several packages according to the needs and requirements of my clients. The goal being above all to satisfy you, I adapt to each one and always do my utmost to ensure that you are satisfied.

I also attach particular importance in my job to human contact. Behind each project, there is a human story that I want to discover.

I observe, analyse, listen... and transcribe your story with the best possible pictures, in a world that tells who you are.

In my opinion, this is the best challenge because, at the heart of a service business, it is always the human being who comes first.

Let's talk!

I am always available to discuss and learn more about my potential clients. I will be happy to meet you and discuss your expectations over a coffee.



« Storytelling : the world’s second oldest profession » - Danny Harris

We had the pleasure of working with Éléonore photography for our menswear brand. It was a great experience working with Éléonore! She approached the process with attentiveness and professionalism. She loves her work and she produced more content for us than agreed, she also

asked a lot of great questions to get insight to what we really wanted to achieve. Her unique perspective and ability to fill a space to be a feast for the eyes is truly a mesmerizing talent!

Eléonore provided a whole series of pictures of one of my products, "Cablestop".

I had only communicated the brand values to her. Eléonore then interpreted and brought her creativity to this picture series, which she executed perfectly with different moods and views.

This allowed me to bounce back with this brand and revive the Instagram account. I would definitely recommend Eléonore for all your photography needs*!

*Original comment in French here.


Industrial Designer 

Eléonore has done several photoshoots for my catering company in Melbourne.

I really wanted to highlight my work and thanks to her creativity and professionalism, my dishes became real masterpieces!

I highly recommend Eleonore, as her 

personality is evident in every photo that she makes, she is very talented! Many thanks*!

*Original comment in French here.

I had the opportunity to work with Eléonore for a year. Beyond an undeniable talent for photography and a real artistic sense to create various universes.

She transmits a positive energy which makes her, a person  with whom one likes to work*. *Original comment in French here.

Eleonore did such an amazing job for us at Sixty Smith. Her range of food & drink pictures, venue, and staff pictures allowed us to get some really special visuals.

We enjoyed working with her, as she was easy to work with and great with communication.

Eléonore's pictures enhance food and pastries. She had a great eye for highlighting my culinary creations and satisfying the eyes of my clients. I loved working with her and of course, I  highly

recommend her*! 

*Original comment in French here.

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