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A Treat of France in Melbourne

A Treat of France, or how to bring a little piece and taste of France to Melbourne. The name says it all! Lovers of French culture and gastronomy, Rose and Sonny, quickly opened their very first café in 2010 in Carlton North. Since then, a second one has been created, and a third one recently for all the French touch lovers!

In the catering business since their very young age, this passionate couple prepare all their products with love.

Sonny is a baker, Rose is a pastry chef, but they both are gourmets, lovers of French cuisine and gastronomy. “French food and pastries are unique and you won’t find anything of this quality and taste anywhere else in the world,” Sonny says.

Intrigued by the precision and quality of French products, they learned their trade on the job and developed their skills through their various experiences. The adventure begins in 2010 for the two entrepreneurs. “A treat of France” was born with the idea of bringing a little bit of France to Melbourne. At that time, French gastronomy was still relatively under-represented in the Melbournian landscape. “The French culture around food is unlike any other and we wanted to capture this essence and bring it to Melbourne.”

Genuinely driven by their profession, seeing them at work and exchanging a few words with them is enough to understand what is going on. After the success of their very first café in Carlton North, the couple opened a second one under the same name two years later at 269 City Road in Southbank. In the heart of Melbourne’s business district, in a beautiful Victorian building still in its prime, their Southbank café attracts mainly business clients, workers from nearby construction sites and tourists passing through Melbourne, in an area that is full of hotels.

The French culture around food is unlike any other and we wanted to capture this essence and bring it to Melbourne.”

North Melbourne is the latest addition to the family project. Launched in 2019, the third café bearing the same name stands out for its particularly well-kept and cosy interior. Leather sofas, wooden furniture, high ceilings, bright interiors, this is the kind of place in which you like to bask. You will be delighted by the freshly prepared products displayed in the window and on the counter next to the entrance of the café. Some people like to go there to work and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, while others come here to relax and enjoy a tasty and deliciously refreshing time.

Warm, attentive and caring with their customers, Rose and Sonny always take the time to exchange; they were born to do it. They offer a wide range of products from traditional pastries to the classic baguette, various wholemeal breads, cereals, etc., but also sandwiches and cakes (cheesecakes, tiramisu, apple cakes, chocolate ones…) Don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the 3 cafés they own in Melbourne. All the products are fresh, made on the spot and the selection is the same in all 3 cafés.

Treat yourself!

Adresses – A treat Of France : Southbank – 269, City road à Southbank – Open Monday to Friday from 05 am to 5-6 pm depending on the day – (03) 9043 6855 Carlton North – 765 Nicholson St, Carlton North – Open Monday to Sunday from 06.30 am to 4-4.30 pm depending on the day – (03) 9387 3298 North Melbourne – 37 Flemington Rd – Open Monday to Friday from 06.30 am to 04.30 pm - (03) 9326 6620 For more information, have a look at the A Treat Of France's website and on their Facebook et Instagram pages @atreatoffrance.

All the pictures are mine.

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