Let's capture the essence and beauty of your brand together!

« Storytelling : the world’s second oldest profession » - Danny Harris

"A picture is worth a thousand words" is a saying that we all know, but is it, really?

We all know this saying and in my opinion, it is absolutely true! A picture can mean and transmit a lot of things, but it only has an impact if it brings out emotions and tells a story!

You have probably heard about storytelling?...

It is the art of telling stories in order to get a message across. So the more the story speaks to you, the stronger the message it will be, staying in your memory for longer. Using a story as an information vector to promote your brand is what storytelling is all about. 

My goal with my words and my pictures is to tell beautiful stories, to communicate using emotion, authenticity and depth allowing your brand to be recognisable at first glance aiming at the right target and getting their full attention.

My Added Value

  • Qualitative Pictures that will capture the power and essence of your brand. 

What I particularly love about photography is definitely the branding. Creating the image of a brand, or enriching it with new visuals, perhaps more innovative, stylized, or more artistic, fascinates me. Because I do believe in the power of the image, I will help you create a new brand image so that your business stands out in the market. My greatest challenge is to convey the atmosphere and tell the history of your restaurant, your brand through my photos.

  • Editorial content writing

Originally French, I packed my bags and arrived in Australia two years ago. I'm living now in the charming city of Melbourne. I have been writing for several years for brands and media in France, Luxembourg and now Melbourne, and I also manage a culinary blog on which I share my love for food. I usually write in French, but I am comfortable writing in English too as I often translate articles for brands. A selection of my posts from my culinary blog À la carte d'Elé are also available in English.

Especially for culinary brands, restaurants/cafés and as long as the content corresponds to the editorial approach of my blog, I can publish your content on it and also manage the press relations allowing you to increase your visibility in Melbourne and in France as well.

  • Social media management ​

As I constantly create content for my own culinary blog, I am used to managing all the aspects related to the day-to-day activities, such as SEO optimization, publishing content under the appropriate format, website building and design, writing, photography, social media, promotion, managing comments and feedback chats with readers... Managing a blog requires a lot of work and is a long process.

Thanks to my experience, I am able to manage your social media accounts, and especially Instagram, which in my opinion is the most efficient and relevant platform (especially in hospitality). In addition to beautiful photos, I will publish regular content and take care of the aesthetics of your Instagram feed in order to increase your audience, boost your visibility and attract more customers to your restaurant/brand. Everybody agrees today that social media are of paramount importance if you want to develop your customers, communicate, engage and build a lasting relationship based on trust with them.


Social media are definitely part of the brand's success nowadays, but managing them requires strong skills and is a time-consuming job in itself. 

My packages

I offer different packages, most often tailor-made, to best meet the needs of my clients.

I also attach particular importance in my job to human contact. Behind each project, there is a human story that I want to discover. I observe, analyse and listen: and my job is then to transcribe your story with the best possible pictures, in a world that tells who you are.

In my opinion, this is the best challenge because, at the heart of a service business, it is always the human being who comes first.

Let's talk!

Always available to exchange and learn more about my potential clients, I would be delighted to meet you, have a cup of coffee, understand your needs and your expectations as well as discovering your brand!